Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Cubs

Tonight, I did something I have not done in many years. I sat and watched a Chicago Cubs game. 

I used to be a HUGE Cubs fan. Back when they were on almost every day on WGN, I had the TV on every time I was at home when they were playing. I can still name the players and their quirks from when I watched from the mid 1980's till about 1998. My husband and I took Amtrak to Chicago in 1993 to watch three games back in the day when Harry Carey, Steve Stone, and Thom Brenneman were announcing. We had seats just a few rows in front of the press box. Mark Grace was on first, Ryne Sandberg was on second, and Turk Wendell, relief pitcher,  was entertaining the crowd with his superstitious antics.

1998 was the summer of the (or, so I thought) great home run race between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. I was in my last semester of graduate school, but I would go to restaurants in Monroe that had TVs tuned to baseball so I could keep up. 

Shortly after I graduated, I began working a full time, very demanding job. I did not have much time for baseball anymore. Evidence of illegal steroid use by both Sosa and McGwire broke my heart and the hearts of pure baseball fans everywhere. Two friends, with whom I loved to discuss Cubs baseball, passed away. Constant trades and free agency made it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing rosters of players.  It just was not as much fun anymore. I kept up with the Cubs, but it was only sporadic, lacking in my previous enthusiasm. 

Tonight, some of that former joy returned. The game was fun again. I plan to watch as much as I can of the   playoffs between the Cubs and the Cards. 

Who knows? I might just get hooked again. 


Monday, October 05, 2015

Just a Nurse...Practitioner

Over the past few weeks, I have heard several people complain about "only" getting to see a nurse practitioner. They feel shortchanged when they do not see an MD. Granted, I have met one or two nurse practitioners that I have not seen eye to eye with. I have also had doctors with whom I did not get along. 

Personally, I LOVE my nurse practitioners. I have gotten great care from the ones I see. Molly, at Jackson Pulmonary, has been wonderful at helping me keep my asthma under control and working with me on my sleep apnea. She has more time to see me than my actual pulmonary doctor, who stays swamped with patients who have much more serious problems than I do. 

I have also received great care at University of Mississippi Medical Center from my nurse practitioners. The neurology department stays incredibly busy there, but Leigh took the time to listen and help me come to terms with my neuromuscular disorder. When she left, the very capable nurse practitioner, Carolyn, took over. Carolyn has been able to help me get answers to questions about whether or not I have anything that could be passed on to my niece or nephew (I don't, thank goodness), and making peace with my limitations. 

Nurse practitioners work under the supervision of medical doctors. The ones I have known are quick to consult with or have me see my MD if the need should arise. To me, they are not "just" nurse practitioners. They are key to my healthcare circle. 

So, give nurse practitioners a chance. You might be very glad you did. 


Mystery Meat

I have recently become reacquainted with a substance I have not voluntarily encountered since my school years.  Mystery Meat  I brought ...