Thursday, July 26, 2007

Priceless Treasure!

A couple of days ago, I found a priceless treasure. Now, normally, an almost twenty year old audiotape would not be anything special. But, this one is because it is the only recording that I know of that contains my mother's voice.

I knew that I had made this tape, and that it was around somewhere. But, I was afraid to look for it and play it because of the fear that it might break.

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, it is now possible and economically feasible to convert analog tapes to digital files on a home PC. So, after finding a tape deck at a yard sale for $5.00 and a program that would enable such a conversion, I popped tape after tape into the tape deck in hopes that it would be THE ONE.

And, after a surprising small number of attempts, I found IT. A tape made one lazy summer day on a small paddle wheel boat on the Mississippi River. Mama and Lela, a family friend were helping me learn some songs from the WWII era. My dear friend, Elizabeth Ann, also now deceased, was playing the piano. The whole tape is filled with stories being told, spontaneous bursts of song, and laughter.

I wouldn't take a million dollars for it.

So, tonight, I am going to take the CD that I made from this precious tape to my sister's house. My 14 year old niece will be able to hear her grandmother's voice for the very first time.

And I have a feeling that I will be in tears. Tears of joy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

We Spoke Too Soon

Just got the call from my dad. Despite the positive results from initial tests his cancer HAS come back.

Now we wait while more specific testing is done over the next two weeks to determine the exact location and size of the cancer we will be dealing with this time.

Dad sounds optimistic and believes he is in good hands.

I am just praying for the strength to be there for him.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My dad called yesterday afternoon with good news. In spite of some preliminary indications, his prostate cancer has not come back. I am almost dizzy with relief!

Dad has not always had an easy life. He was married for 32 years to my mother, who was an alcoholic and who later became chronically and seriously ill for the last 12 years of their marriage. I have no doubt that he loved her, but his needs always came second to hers.

When he met and married my darling Stepmom a couple of years ago, he became a new man. He just glows. They enjoy each other's company and are always on the go. The thought of cancer intruding on this long awaited happiness made me sad and angry.

But, thankfully, cancer is not in the picture. And I can breathe again.

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