Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I remember once, not too long after I married, my husband wanted to go somewhere on the spur of the moment. For some reason, I had not yet put on my makeup that day, but I gathered my purse and headed for the door. 

My husband looked at me in disbelief. "Are you going to go without MAKEUP??" I honestly didn't think he really noticed makeup, as I did not wear a whole lot and what I wore was pretty subtle. 

I was wrong.

There was a time when men would claim to want their wives, sisters, daughters, or girlfriends not to wear makeup. They would claim that we were 'pretty enough already', 'we didn't need that stuff', etc. 

But, propose to actually go out (WITH THEM) without makeup, and it was another story. Many men want us to look natural. They just have no idea how much time, effort, and money it takes to achieve that 'natural' look! 

There are women who are so gorgeous that they honestly don't need the tiniest bit of artifice. There are women who can go without makeup and feel totally comfortable. I am not either of these women. As I get older, getting a natural look becomes harder and harder. And more and more expensive! 

I find my ideal makeup at Sephora and Ulta. 

My husband pays the bills without a word. 

And I don't leave home without it. 


Monday, January 26, 2015

"Shall I Bring My Skates?"

Years before the likes of Christopher Bowman, Evgeny Plushenko, and Johnny Weir, there was Toller Cranston. The six time Canadian figure skating champion, 1974 world bronze medalist and 1976 Olympic bronze medalist passed away on January 24th at the age of 65.

Toller Cranston was way ahead of his figure skating time. Although not good at compulsory figures, he absolutely lit up the ice when it came time to perform. Toller was the first man to really break the 'mold' that was men's figure skating in the 70's. With his long hair, flamboyant costumes, lean, expressive body, and amazing Russian split jumps, he won the audience, if not always the competition. 

Toller was also quite a prolific artist and managed to pay for his skating (before sponsorships were allowed) with his art. He was also a writer and the title of this blog is taken from his book "When Hell Freezes Over, Shall I Bring My Skates?

Below is a clip of Toller Cranston being Toller and doing it quite brilliantly!

Rest in Peace you amazingly talented man. I have a feeling there is ice in Heaven as well.

Toller Cranston -"The Firebird" - 1983

Saturday, January 17, 2015

George Winston

Many years ago, my husband, Bill, was given the George Winston album, 'December', by his younger sister, Becky. It did not take long for it to become one of his all time favorites. I soon fell in love with it as well.

George Winston comes to Jackson to do benefit concerts and we have tried to get to one of them several times. But, the stars and planets never aligned. Bill couldn't get off work, or one of us was ill, etc. At some point, we just sort of gave up on the idea of ever hearing the talent of George Winston in person.

Then, a few days ago, one of my Facebook friends (thanks Carey!) posted a link to an upcoming benefit concert at Duling Hall, featuring none other than...George Winston! I quickly found how when and where the tickets would be on sale. Bill's 61st birthday is coming up on January 31st. This concert is going to be his birthday gift. Much better than last year, when he spent his 60th birthday getting me out of a nursing home! The concert is actually on February 9th, but the tickets will be in his birthday card. 

If you want to attend a wonderful concert at Duling Hall in Jackson and support the Hudspeth Center go here:

And to hear his gorgeous arrangement of 'Canon in D', check this out.

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