Monday, March 30, 2015

Tea Kettle

One of the first things that my speech therapist recommended to me was to drink Vocal Coat Throat Tea. I am not much of a hot beverage drinker, but, desperate to do anything and everything to regain my voice, I promptly bought the tea. 

I have read all the horror stories of heating water in the microwave and having cups explode. It has always made me a bit nervous. Unlike Captain Picard on Star Trek: TNG, I do not have access to a replicator to instantly make my cup of tea appear. I decided to purchase my very first whistling tea kettle.

I was quite surprised to find quite a lovely selection at our local kitchen outlet. I did not think that many people used tea kettles anymore. I promptly nabbed a cute, bright green number that promised to whistle at me ensuring I don't forget that I put it on to boil. Come now! I am quite sure that I am NOT the only person who puts things on the stove and then remembers something I must do in another room!

My tea kettle is more than just a tea kettle. It is tangible evidence that I am doing all I can to regain my lost voice. 


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Once Upon a Time

I am not a huge TV watcher. Quite frankly, there has not been that much on that I have been interested in for years. I like Downton Abbey Glee Perception, The Middle, and Who Do You Think You Are?. I watch half an hour of local news, primarily to get the weather report. I do watch college football, and pro football when Peyton is playing. I become a champion couch potato when the Olympics are on.  My guilty pleasure is Dancing With The Stars. Having been born with two left feet, I have great admiration for non dancers who are brave enough to attempt to dance on national TV.

Because my husband likes to watch old movies, I subscribed to Netflix. While scrolling through the offerings one night, I came across Once Upon a Time. I have watched almost all of the first three seasons and I admit that I am hooked. I am a sucker for great costumes, scenery, cool effects, and fairytales. I love how the series goes back and forth between Storybrook and The Enchanted Forest. 

I have to admit that I did not recognize Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. I had not seen him since he played Gaz in The Full Monty. I had no idea of the range of his talent until now. Another revelation is Jennifer Morrison. Her role as Cameron, in House, didn't fully utilize her acting abilities. Colin O'Donoghue, as Captain Hook, is new to me, but quite talented and quite easy on the eyes. 

I have heard that the fourth season "jumped the shark" somewhat, but, I am probably going to have to watch anyway. 

I'm "Hooked."

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seven Weeks

Tomorrow marks seven weeks since I have been able to sing. It feels like forever. 

I  added two days of complete vocal rest to the doctor's order. I am being conservative with my speaking voice. No talking on the phone or straining. 

I think I see a bit of improvement in my speaking voice, but progress is excruciatingly slow. I am not sure if it is real or just wishful thinking.

I know that losing my voice, perhaps permanently, is not much compared to what many people are going through. I get that. I really do. On the surface, I am trying to be positive, support my friends who are struggling, and put on a happy face. But, when I am alone, I cry. I question. I despair. There is music I can't bear to listen to. Movies I can't bear to watch. Even worship brings the pain of not being able to sing the hymns that I love so dearly. 

I see my throat doctor on Tuesday. He will take a light and illuminate my vocal cords. 

I will find out if any healing has occurred. 

Please, God, let there be healing.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Dont Judge?

I see this a lot on Facebook. I'm watching _______ (insert reality show). Don't judge me! I'm eating _______ (insert unhealthy food). Don't judge me! I'm back with my abusive ex. Don't judge me!

I try very hard not to judge people I don't know. I certainly don't believe in judging people with disabilities, people of different races, people who are overweight or underweight, of a different faith, etc. 

I think it is normal to have those first impressions. To me, this is not judging. It is just an automatic thing. Of course, I am going to notice the color of a person's skin, what he or she is wearing, etc. Does she make eye contact? Does he shake my hand? Yes, these are things I am going to notice. 

However, I see judging as refusing to see past those initial things. Assuming everyone of a certain race or religion is automatically "bad." Assuming that an overweight person eats non-stop or that every thin person has an eating disorder, etc. 

But, is being disappointed in poor manners (in someone who has been taught better), judging? Is being concerned for that friend, who went back to a man who might very well kill her, judging? Is cringing at the thought of that brittle diabetic, (who has been in a coma) eating a large sized ice cream sundae with the works, judging? Is being sad at seeing your alcoholic relative enter a bar and start drinking, judging? 

I don't really have the answers.  


Monday, March 02, 2015

I Want to Live!

I first watched this movie 40 years ago with my mama when it came on TV late one night. With the amazing portrayal of convicted murderer, Barbara Graham, by Susan Hayward, the wrenching scenes where appeals were denied, and finally, the excruciatingly detailed final scene in the gas chamber, this movie burned itself into my brain. 

Recently, this movie came on TCM and I saw it for the first time since I was 15. I have a very good memory for detail, but even I was surprised at how accurate my 40 year old memory was of this movie. 

I have been following the case of Kelly Gissendaner in Georgia. She has been sentenced to death for conspiring to murder her husband. A horrible crime and certainly one she must pay for. Life in prison without hope of parole, for sure.

But, this woman, while on Death Row, has become a Christian, completed a certificate of theological studies program, and has truly transformed her life. She ministers to women who will get out of prison and is an example for the transformation that they can experience if they allow it. She has helped prevent women from committing suicide in prison. It just seems like she is much more valuable to the prison if she is allowed to live, to continue ministering and mentoring, and helping others turn their lives around. 

Kelly is proof of the transforming and redemptive grace of Jesus Christ. 

Let her live. 


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