Friday, December 09, 2016

Not Silenced

Recently, I was quite shocked to find my blog post had been reported as abusive and blocked by Facebook. I have no idea why someone would have done such a thing.

Even on my blog, I am careful not to give specifics if I am writing something concerning an interaction with another person. I don't give age, sex, times, dates, etc. And, if I think someone might recognize him or herself, I don't post the link on Facebook. In this case, the person is not on Facebook, nor are any of the other parties who might guess who it might be. And, I know that none of these folks follow my blog. 

My blog is my way of recording events in my everyday life. I post them because sometimes other people may be going through the same things I am going through. It can help to feel like there is a kindred spirit out there. Sometimes I need a reality check. Sometimes, I just need support. Sometimes I just need reassurance that I am not completely crazy for feeling the way I do about an issue.

I am too old and cranky to be silenced.



db said...

I enjoy your blog. Hard for me to see how anyone could be offended by what you write. I hope you keep it up.

Doug Boone

db said...

And by the way, I'm similarly old and similarly cranky!

Judy said...

Maybe a FB error?

Karen :) said...

Doug, I am my mother's child! I don't give up!

db said...

Haha. I surely understand that reference. Betty ruled all she surveyed, including me. Stay cool Ms. Karen!

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