Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Almost every day I see people post (yes, on facebook!) about what a time waster it is. And about how THEY have better things to do with their lives, etc. More power to them, I say. 

As for me, I admit it. I love facebook. Don't get me wrong. It is definitely a mixed bag. I have seen people use it for hurtful and hateful reasons. I know there are folks who may neglect their "real" lives because of facebook. But, used well, it can be an extremely positive thing. 

For example, it is a great way to get news out to a lot of people in a hurry. When my Dad was sick and dying, I could give periodic updates (carefully worded) to friends and extended family. A lot of them are on facebook, but do not check e-mail. And being automatically reminded of birthdays is good thing. 

Another nice thing about facebook is that I am able to post my artwork and get immediate feedback. This helps me hone in on what  appeals to people. And I have made quite a few sales through my facebook inbox. It has become a gentle way to get my work "out there" but not in a hard sell or pushy way.

Facebook makes me laugh. I honestly DO lol (laugh out loud) at least once a day over something I see on facebook. I need laughs. 

Maybe the best thing about facebook for me is that it is a great place to encourage people. Young friends and family post about tests and college stress. BTDT, and I can offer an encouraging word. Someone looking for a new job? I can offer to go over his or her resume' or let them know if I hear of anything. Prayer requests? These sometimes get out of hand, but I can ALWAYS find time to say at least a "one time" prayer for any concern. 

It may sound like I am always on facebook. If I was, I would not have time to maintain the church website or teach 5 watecolor classes a month at the local senior center. I would not have time to paint for art shows and the two places I sell and exhibit my work. I would not be "doing art" every week with my great niece and nephew. I would never have time for lunch with friends, or to sing in my church choir. 

Facebook is not for everybody. I don't put anything on facebook that I would not share with the world. There IS no such thing as real privacy on internet. I have just learned to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives of this social medium and use  it to my advantage. 

Hmmm, time to go update my status... ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coughing and Church

"The Crud" as many call it has kept me out of church for two Sundays now. I am not running fever. I don't feel THAT bad. But the cough just won't quit. I hate risking disturbing a service with a coughing fit that won't go away, even with cough drops. 

And there is always the issue of "Not being in the CHOIR." When I am not in my accustomed place in the loft, I never quite know what to do with myself. If I could sing, I would be up there. But, when I can't sing, I feel awkward in the congregation. And of course, there is the issue of "sitting in someone's pew." The first time I ever visited Crawford Street UMC, it was pointed out to me that I was sitting in the pew normally occupied by a longtime member. I go to church alone, so I have no regular person to sit with in the congregation. When I can, I sit on the side pew near the acolytes, behind the pianist. That works, when space is available. 

Next Sunday, I am hoping the cough is gone, but I will probably still be cautious with my voice. After having nodes, I am taking no chances with rushing back to singing. I just have to remind myself that:

1. I am a church member whether I can sing or not. 
2. The world will not end if I accidentally sit in someone's pew. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Grammys

No, I did not watch them. I have not watched them in some time. Partially because of my husband's dislike of awards shows. But mostly because (yes I know I sound like an old fogey here), I just don't care for much of the music that has come out in the past 10 years or so. 

However, I did go back and watch a couple of the performances the next day. Adele appears to be the dominant female voice of the current generation. And she is quite good. But, listening to her made ME realize how far I am from the things that she sings about. However, I am glad to see someone who is taking care of her voice and using it properly as a model for this generation of up and coming pop singers. The fact that she is quite pretty and popular without being "stick thin" is also a plus in my book.

Yes, I admire her talent. But she is simply not my "voice." The voices of my generation were Barbra Streisand, Karen Carpenter, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, and Carole King. They are the voices I still want to listen to 30 something years later. I could even relate into the 80's and 90's with Whitney Houston (Yes, I have owned "The Bodyguard since it was released!), Alanis Morrissette, Melissa Etheridge, Tori Amos, K.D. Lang, and Fiona Apple. Somwhere around the turn of the century, my taste current music switched mostly to bands as opposed to solo female artists. 

At 52, I guess it was bound to happen. Wonder where my "Tapestry" album is? 

Mystery Meat

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