Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The tragedy in Brussels today made me think about a lot of things. How tired I am of senseless violence. How tired I am of some of the reactions to the senseless violence. But, most of all, how sad it would be to have one's last words to a loved ones be spoken in anger. 

Thankfully, most of us have a chance to apologize to our loved ones after we strike out in anger. Tempers cool, more appropriate words are spoken, and things are at least a bit better. 

I know, that in my case, the words that people have battered me with hurt far more than physical blows. I still occasionally tear up when I remember things that have been said to me. "Sorry" didn't heal the wounds. That took time, and some of them have never totally scabbed over. 

In the heightened uncertainty of today's world, I would encourage everyone to think before they speak in anger. Leave the situation for a time. Write a letter expressing feelings, then burn it and write one that expresses them appropriately. Never assume that you will see your friend or loved one again. Try to part on terms that may have to last a lifetime.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Voiceless Again

Once again, Holy Week approaches and I am not able to sing. Unlike last year, my vocal cords are only severely inflamed due to being intubated and getting the crud shortly after. They will heal. I just have to have patience. If I behave now, there is a possibility that I might sing by Easter Sunday. 

Holy Week and Easter is my favorite time of the church year. I love the scriptures, contemplation, and music. It seems ironic that not just one year, but two years in a row, I should be unable to do what I do. Sing. Thankfully, I have much more of a peace about things than I did this time last year. Easter will happen, with or without my singing voice. 

Speaking on the phone is especially taxing. So, feel free to email, text, Facebook, or write me a letter. I will be resting these vocal cords. 

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