Thursday, March 22, 2007


I recently got an e-mail from our oldest niece, Katie. She is my husband's older brother's oldest child. If I recall correctly, she was 4 when I married my husband, just a little pixie with brown eyes and bangs.

Katie and I connected. We both loved music. We both valued comfort over style when it came to clothing. She loved her Aunt Karen.

Then, her parents divorced. Katie disappeared into a lifestyle of bad companions and bad choices. Never being allowed to make her own choices as a child due to a controlling, mentally ill mother, Katie struggled for several years. I did not hear much from her. But, I never stopped loving her or praying for her.

Thankfully, those prayers have been answered. Katie now has a paralegal degree and is joining a law firm next week. She has found a life partner. She plays guitar with a band on weekends. Katie has finally made a good life for herself.

And her auntie is proud.

Friday, March 02, 2007

All They Can Do

My family got the news Wednesday. After months of brutal chemotherapy, the last two spent in the hospital, my dear friend was given the news that it did no good. The tumor did not shrink.

The doctors have done all they can do. He will be coming home tomorrow.

The hope of him coming back cancer free is put aside for the hope of him having some quality time with his family before this disease takes him. He is at peace with going to his eternal home and that is a comfort to us.

But we will continue to pray for miracles.

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