Saturday, June 23, 2007


I think I have created a monster.

When I went to Nashville recently, I looked for something to bring back for my husband and our neighbor Sam, to play with. I found a badminton game in a toy store there and decided that might be a fun thing for them to do.

Well, since I brought badminton to my front yard, my husband and Sam have killed one racquet, 4 birdies, and some grass. :) But, they are having a ball.

As long as Sam is around, I know my husband will stay in shape.

Thanks, Sam!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Day with KK

Back when my niece and nephew were small, I struggled with finding ideas for gifts for them. As the only grandchildren on either side of the family, they were knee deep in toys and clothes. Not wanting to add to that pile, I devised "gift certificates" for "A Day with KK."

The kids come to my house individually and are allowed to do (ALMOST) anything they want to do that day. It may be a Cartoon Network watching marathon (God save me from Billy and Mandy!) or making peanut butter Rice Krispie treats (a perennial favorite).

With the niece yesterday, the activities are now geared for a teenager. I gave her a pedicure, showed her how to make a mandala, and did meditation exercises with her. One of her favorite meals was cooked and served on my mother's china. We took out my mother's things and I told her stories about her "Nana Broomstick" who, to my great sorrow, never got to see her precious granddaughter.

I got an e-mail last night from my niece, saying that this was one of the best days she had had all summer.

Ditto for me. :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Losing Weight

This is what I am not doing right now. I am maintaining. I am mindful of what I eat and I am journaling. But, due to numerous meds and medical conditions, I just don't seem to be able to get over the hump to get the calories down to what it would take for further loss. I have tried the high protein, low carb thing and just could not stay on it but 4 months. Then promptly gained the weight back after beginning to eat carbs again. I realize, that with a steroid and stimulant fueled appetite that I would weigh MUCH more if I were not at least trying to do something to take control.

I actually brought up the idea of lap band surgery at my primary care doc appointment today. He told me he would be OK with making a referral, but also told me that the chances of anyone touching my high risk self would be slim and none. I would literally be risking my life to be thin.

I am actually not that unhappy with myself. But my husband wants me thin. I see the way he looks at me when he sees me with a cookie or going back for a second helping of something. I can't even begin to remember when he paid me a compliment on any aspect of my appearance. And I want to lose the weight. For him. But, am I willing to die for his approval? Sometimes, I think I would be.

And that is sad.

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