Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Reflections

Fortunately, blogging about my good December did not jinx my Christmas.

Christmas Eve was lovely. I did some holiday baking for the first time in many years. Sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, and mini pecan pies were put on trays and in goodie bags to be given to friends and family. 

It was fun to be around some young great nieces and nephews who are new to the family this year. Seeing their excitement about Christmas made the holiday more jolly this year. 

Then, I went to Christmas Eve Communion with my friend Alex Brown and his family at Porter's Chapel UMC. Hermanville does not have a Christmas Eve service, and I have been looking for a place to "be" on Christmas Eve. The pianist playing in the foyer graciously allowed me to sing while people went in and out of the church. I am already planning to go back next year. 

This morning, I stuffed my eggs and went to Granna's house. Granna is my sister's mother in law, but she has adopted my entire family. I am grateful that she invites us all to dinner so that everyone can spend time together. Sharing the holiday with one of my niece and future nephew's friends from England was a joy. I came home to a lovely nap and rented movies from iTunes.

I can't remember when I have had a nicer Christmas. 



Sunday, December 13, 2015


I am almost afraid to write this post for fear I will "jinx" this (so far!) calm and peaceful December. But, I am counting my blessings today that neither I, nor anyone else in my family is seriously ill or dying. I am not having surgery and I do not have the flu. (Knock on wood!) 

The Memories page on Facebook reminded me that 7 years ago, I had surgery, 6 years ago, I was not doing well, and mired in doctor's appointments. Five years ago, my stepmom had hip surgery and ended up in ICU. Four years ago, I was helping care for my dying daddy and 3 years ago today, we laid my father-in-law to rest. Two years ago, I had a nasty case of flu that necessitated the delay of my hip replacement, and last year, I got hernia surgery for Christmas. 

Through all of this, I was blessed with encouragement and support from my friends. Meals were brought, prayers were offered, and one precious person even brought me a small, decorated Christmas tree when I was too exhausted from caring for loved ones to even try to put one up. 

This year, I have had time to put up my tree, go to some Christmas events, buy a few gifts, and send Christmas cards. I even have plans to bake some treats to send with my husband when he goes to spend Christmas with his brother and sister in Tennessee. All in all, what seems like a normal December. 

I know that life can turn on a dime. My loved ones and I might yet have our December disrupted. But, in this moment, I am thankful for what I have already had this month. 

Happy December!

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