Thursday, April 27, 2017


Yesterday, I returned from my trip to Virginia. I had been through Virginia on my way to other places. But, I had not spent any significant amount of time there until now. 

I have to say that I absolutely LOVED Virginia! It is one of the most beautiful states I have every visited and I have been to 26 of them. 

I was not able to find hard evidence of additional family connections to my great-grandfather but did find some potential connections that I may be able to explore online. The Fauquier County Public Library was very well organized and Vicky the librarian was a great help.

Our tickets to Monticello ended up being on the rainiest day of the trip, but we got to see the innovative home of our third President. He was indeed a man ahead of his time.

The trees were amazing!! Pink and white dogwoods were in full flower, I saw my first empress trees, and their azaleas were just blooming. I felt Iike I got to experience Spring twice! 

The thing that impressed me most was the people. Drivers allowed people to merge, did not tailgate, and were not constantly honking their horns. They allowed me to navigate crosswalks without either trying to zoom around me or ignoring the crosswalk altogether. People held doors open for me everywhere. Wait staff at restaurants were able to accommodate my dietary needs without any problems at all.  People were friendly and helpful even when they did not know I was a visitor. 

I am planted in Mississippi, but if I should ever want to live somewhere else, it would definitely be Virginia. 

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