Monday, April 03, 2017

Tornado Warning

Last night, we had an honest to goodness tornado warning. Not a watch. A real live warning. 

When Dave Roberts told me to get in my safe place, I realized that I don't really have one. We can partially close off a tiny bit of hallway, but that it about it. Everything else has an exterior wall and windows. 

I dutifully grabbed my spare bed wedge, a couple of pillows, and a blanket. Trying to actually get down on them was a quite a scene. I am glad no one was recording that operation with a cell phone! When the all clear was sounded, it was an equally entertaining scene trying to get up. Thank goodness my husband was there to help me. 

I have often worried about not hearing the phone ring at night with my red alert calls. My mind was set at ease last night. I received SIX calls. Three on my home phone and three on my cell would be enough to wake even me. 

Thankfully, we escaped any major damage. But, this is Mississippi in the Springtime. 

My pillows and blankets will stay handy. 

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